Cookology 50cm Visor Cooker Hood in Stainless Steel with Filter | Kitchen Extractor Fan

Cookology 50cm Visor Cooker Hood in Stainless Steel with Filter | Kitchen Extractor Fan

Unbranded 50cm Visor Cooker Hood in Stainless Steel – by Cookology – Filter Included

The VISOR500SS is versatile, attractive and practical. Finished in Stainless Steel and designed especially without a brand or logo, this Extractor Fan is suitable for any kitchen, fitting in next to your other appliances and furniture, whilst providing light and helping to keep your kitchen free of smoke and smells.

Installing this Cooker Hood also has its advantages as you can choose to recirculate the air using the CF300 Carbon filter sheet (included in this listing) or you can use what is known as a ducting kit to extract the air outside (not included). If you don’t have access to an outside wall (for the air to go out) you will need to use the carbon filter, however this makes installation very easy and with the flick of a switch the air will be extracted and forced through the carbon, which cleans the air and removes smells, and out the top vents at the front of the appliance.

If you can run a pipe from the extractor fan outside, then the VISOR500SS gives you the option of attaching the ducting kit (flexible pipe that takes the air outside) to the top of the extractor. You can also line the rear hole up with your hole in the wall (no adaptor). Using this Standard Extractor Fan is very simple thanks to the slider controls that operate the 3 speeds and the lights.


Colour Stainless Steel

Can be easily mounted to the wall with the Bracket provided, or fitted in-between cupboards

28W Incandescent Lighting

3 Speeds

1 Grease Filter

180m3/hour extraction rate

50cm wide

Recirculation possible with the CF300 Carbon Filter (included)

Ducting Outside possible from the Top with DK1M120 120mm Ducting Kit (not Included)


Width: 500mm

Depth: 465mm

Height: 80mm

Lowest Price: £57.49
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