HopfenHöhle ‘Lift’ Outdoor Underground Beer Cooler With Built In Semi Automatic Lifting System

HopfenHöhle ‘Lift’ Outdoor Underground Beer Cooler With Built In Semi Automatic Lifting System
  • Keeps your bottled beers cool without the need for a fridge, even in the summer.
  • Waterproof and insulated cover with a tubular casing made of impact-resistant weatherproof plastic. The waterproof sealed base also ensures moisture and pests are kept out.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany to a very high standard. The professionally constructed heat welded plastic means you can stand on it safely without fear of damage.
  • The HopfenHöhle has a stable bottle holder with handle and also includes a bottle opener that can be stored with your bottles.
  • Box contents: 900mm Deep x 200 mm Diameter tubular casing, bottle holder with handle, gas dampers, bottle opener, waterproof and insulated cover

100% brand new underground beer cooler with semi automatic gas lift and bottle holder. Simply lift the watertight lid, push and twist the handle and your bottled beers will automatically rise out of the ground. Not only will this look cool and impress your guests at your next barbecue, but it will also save your back too. The Hops hole will fit 5 beers on each of the 3 levels (15 total), the top 2 levels will rise automatically when opened and you will need to use the handle to lift the holder to get to the lower level. The HopfenHöhle Lift works with all bottles with crown caps (Holds 15 bottles 0.33L and 0.5L). With the Hops hole you can keep your beers in a cool dark environment without the need for a fridge. The next time you have a garden party and cool beers rise automatically from the ground, your friends will certainly be impressed by the wow factor of the hops hole. All you need is a small piece of garden where you can create a hole 90cm deep with a 20cm diameter, then simply install the Hops hole. You can then cover or decorate the Hops hole however you wish so nobody would ever suspect you have an underground beer store. The next time you have a thirst when you are hard at work gardening or busy grilling on the barbecue, simply open the lid grab a bottle and ‘Cheers’! You don’t need a bottle opener as there is already one integrated into the bottle holder. Suitable for all bottles with caps. Bottles are not included in the box contents.

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