PowerSave® ~ Remote Control ~ Microwave Sensor ~ Slimline ~ Energy Saving LED ~ Security Flood Light ~ 10w Flood Light (100w equivalent)

PowerSave® ~ Remote Control ~ Microwave Sensor ~ Slimline ~ Energy Saving LED ~ Security Flood Light ~ 10w Flood Light (100w equivalent)
  • 10w = 100w (885 Lumens) modern slimline A+ rated energy saving LED security flood light
  • Remote controlled meaning you can change between the different light modes and adjust the detection range sensitivity (from 2m to 8m), duration etc without having to climb a ladder
  • 180 degrees wide detection microwave movement sensor which is much more accurate than a traditional PIR
  • 6500k Daylight Light Colour. IP65 Waterproof rated, Aluminium body, tempered glass, pre-fitted wire making it easy to install
  • Different modes including movement detection mode, dusk till dawn mode and manual overide

These premium security light are the latest technology. Combining the very latest accurate sensor technology with the latest in LED Energy saving lighting technology. Only 2 Screws required to mount to a wall, garage, shed or porch (Screws and fixings provided). The microwave sensor detects motion using Doppler radar which similar to a police speed gun. This not only means they are not only extremely accurate but the sensitivity level can also be adjusted and they cover a larger area. On the higher settings the detector can even detect movement behind objects such as garden furniture, trees, fences and hedges They are approx 100w equivalent using only 10w of power. To add further to this, the included remote control means you can select the various light modes and settings with the touch of a button from the safety of the ground (No ladders required) The modes include, movement detection mode which can be set to be active only at night when movement is detected. Manual override mode which means you can have the light on as you please. Dusk till dawn mode means it will automatically come on at night and switch off again when it gets light again. Permanently off and others. It also has a built in auto memory to remember your last settings. The remote also adjusts the sensitivity / detection range and the length of time you would like the light to remain on for. Not only do they look great but they are the most advanced, versatile and functional security light we know of. If you are replacing an existing light then there are very easy to install with its pre-fitted cable using our inline connector also available to select. 10w=100w measures 130mm x 90mm x 34mm.

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