Tubtrugs SP15P 15 Litre Small Shallow Tubtrug – Pink

Tubtrugs SP15P 15 Litre Small Shallow Tubtrug - Pink
  • Flexible sides
  • 100% food grade
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Great for water buckets, horse feed, livestock, and field & yard
  • UV rays and frost resistant

TubTrugs Flexible Tubs are great for practically every sort of job. They can be used for general in house storage such as childrens toys, or laundry. Outdoor work such as gardening waste grass or hedge clippings and weeds. They can even be used in DIY for mixing, moving and pouring cement or concrete. Farm yard work such as moving manure or mucking out you name it you can probably think of a use for a TubTrug Flexible Tub. Key Features Flexible these tubs are made from a highly durable plastic it can be bent easily, and is completely watertight. Frost Proof the tubs can endure low temperatures without deteriorating the plastic. UV Resistant the plastic will also not deteriorate when exposed to prolonged sunlight. Non-toxic material.

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