Vortice 11124 ‘Punto Filo’ MF 120/5″ Axial Utility Room Extractor Fan with Integral Back Draught Shutter (for use with 5″/125mm duct)

Vortice 11124 'Punto Filo' MF 120/5
  • Mains 230/240V AC. Normally located in Utlility Room, Kitchen or Larger Bathroom
  • 49 litres per second, 175 cubic metres per hour extraction rate. 20 watts power consumption
  • Integral backdraught shutter. Sound output 34.4dB(A) @ 3m. Class II Double Insulated. IPX4
  • Data, Safety and Performance Certified by IMQ Performance. CE Mark
  • Dimensions: 179mm wide x 179mm tall x 17mm deep (beyond installed surface). 119mm exhaust, extends for 72mm

Axial Extractor Fan

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