Westinghouse Wall Control Unit Ceiling Fans, White

Westinghouse Wall Control Unit Ceiling Fans, White
  • Westinghouse Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Energy Saving
  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Trusted Name for over 120 years

The Westinghouse wall control is suitable for use with all Westinghouse ceiling fans. This unit is white and has 4-speed controls and off control for the fan. This wall fan control can be used with all Westinghouse fans, but you should be aware that for fans that are supplied with the remote control module, you can not connect the remote control and the wall control at the same time. Only one control can be wired to the fan unit. The wall control does not require a neutral or earth connection but does require a live feed, and two separate live return to the fan unit – one for the light and one for the fan. This may require an additional cable to be run to the wall control location as three live wires are required in total. With some fan units, the internal live feeds for the fan and the light are connected together in the ceiling rose of the fan, for connection to a standard on/off light switch and when used with the remote control option. This means that your electrician might have to adjust the wiring in the ceiling rose of the fan to enable independent control of the light and fan when installing this wall control unit instead of a remote control module.

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